Plans of Yan Loong Legend 3.

2009-04-13 07:08:25 by Victboy

Thanks everyone's reviews, that's very useful for me to create next version of Yan Loong Legend!

In Yan Loong Legend 3, I will add block button as many people's suggesting, new Characters that player can select, new Enemies and new Bosses, new scenes, when Boss occurring, a dialog box will show boss's words and boss's name. That's the points what I plan to added in YLL3 so far, and I will add more points later.

If you have any ideas for Yan Loong Legend 3, I would be very glad to hear. You could make comments here, Thanks:D


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2009-04-14 22:56:25

yeah well all u need is some time to think then all the answers will come to u


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